The Great Game. 24 November 2019.

25.11.2019 |

Ukraine marks 15 years since the Maidan revolution. Kiev remembers the tragic events of 2004 and 2013. Has the investment in bringing chaos to Ukraine paid off? And how did America’s position on Ukraine change over the years?

The gas contract between Russia and Ukraine will expire on December 31. Why does Kiev insist on purchasing gas from the EU at a higher price? How does the US plan to leave Europe without Russian gas?

The first round of impeachment hearings has concluded in Washington. Testimonies by Ukraine experts have revealed a lot of interesting things about relations between Washington and Kiev. But why do they blame Russia again?

Moscow is hosting the annual Russia Calling forum. Russia’s call is primarily a call for economic cooperation across the globe. The forum’s moderator, VTB chairman Andrei Kostin, is our special guest tonight.

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