The Great Game. 10 October 2018. Topic: Arms control

11.10.2018 |

Greece offers to host new US military bases. Russia protests over plans to deploy universal launchers to Romania and Poland. The Pentagon wants to revive Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars program. Why is it that the concept of assured destruction no longer scares people, and some experts are suggesting that a nuclear strike would not necessarily spell a disaster?

The use of low-yield tactical nuclear weapons in local conflicts is considered a viable option.

The parties involved in the Great Game accuse each other of starting a new arms race, and the relationship between Russia and the United States is worse today than at the time of the Cuban missile crisis. Why is it that everybody talks about the need for dialogue, yet it is impossible to start it?

To answer these questions, we talk to our special guests in Moscow and Washington, people who witnessed – or were directly involved in – the signing of nuclear treaties. How do we stop the crisis of trust from evolving into another Cuban missile crisis?

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