The Great Game. 03 September 2018. Topic: The Great Game

04.09.2018 |

Anchors of the new talk show — State Duma Member and Russkiy Mir Foundation Chairman, Vyacheslav Nikonov, and President of the Center for the National Interest of the United States, advising several administrations, Dmitri Simes — will try to sort out how the political brain of the countries they represent works, because the two big players, Russia and America, define the main contours of the global geopolitics.

What figures get into the game after Senator McCain's leaving, will there be the 58th round of sanctions against Russia, and why is it pointless for Russia to interfere in the US elections?

Is everything so obvious or are the news feeds just the top of the iceberg?

Guests of the Studio: Fyodor Lukyanov, Chairman, Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, and Former Adviser to the Secretary of State at George W. Bush administration, Paul Sanders.

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