The Great Game. 20 September 2018. Topics: RUSADA’s reinstatement, president P.Poroshenko’s address to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

21.09.2018 |
A significant victory for Russia: the World Anti-Doping Agency restored the rights of the RUSADA! Has the political game come to its end on the sports field? Can we talk about the finally restored trust? Or is the crisis of mistrust between Russia and the West just moving to other spheres?

Why do officials in Washington increasingly loudly declare that Russia can not be trusted? But at the same time they welcome any remarks that come, for example, from Kiev? Petro Poroshenko today promised that he would expel the Russian fleet from Sevastopol. What words outweigh the bowls?

Guest of the Studio: former Adviser on Russia to US Vice-President Dick Cheney, Former Director of the Analysis Department on Russia in the CIA, George Bibi.

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