Выступление Вячеслава Никонова на панельной дискуссии международной конференции «The Raisina Dialogue 2018», 17 января 2018 г. (ENGLISH)

17.01.2018 |
As non-state actors increasingly have access to the benefits of sovereignty and statehood, existing conceptions of the threat from terror are challenged. The emerging structure of actors, networks and organisations call for a reimagining of anti-terror tactics. However, the widespread and pervasive nature of radicalisation today complicates this challenge. This panel will explore the threats that such ‘terror-states’ pose and how the international order can respond to the terror groups of a Digital Century General Bipin Rawat, Chief of Army Staff, India General Chris Deverell, Joint Forces Commander, U.K. Husain Haqqani, Senior Fellow and Director for South and Central Asia, Hudson Institute Vyacheslav Nikonov, Member of the State Duma, Russia Major General (Retd.) Amos Gilead, Executive Director, Institute for Policy and Strategy (IPS), Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya Virginia Comolli, Senior Fellow for Security & Development, The International Institute for Strategic Studies (moderator).

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