The Great Game. 06 October 2019.

07.10.2019 |
Nationalists hold massive protests outside Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada in response to the signing of the Steinmeier Formula. Will Donetsk and Kyiv be able to reach an agreement, or at least start hearing each other? Is the President of Ukraine capable of exerсising his own political will, or is he doomed to follow the will of others?

In the meantime, the United States’ Donald Trump is being threatened with impeachment. This has happened before, and yet Richard Nixon happens to be the only US President who has been forced to resign his office. What made him leave even before his impeachment? What implications did this have for his allies, opponents, and the entire political system of the United States? Who and how is trying to topple President Trump now and how could this affect US-Russian relations?

Channel One

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