The Great Game. 01 October 2018. Topic: Space: Another frontier for the US-Russian rivalry

02.10.2018 |

NASA has announced plans to send manned missions to the Moon and Mars. Essentially, the agency wants to colonize these celestial bodies. The primary objective is to secure America’s leadership in space. Russia and China, too, are planning a joint lunar program. Is this a new race to the Moon? Will space once again become an arena for geopolitical jostling? Or has it never stopped being one?

Why is it that sanctions had little or no effect on the ISS, the only place where Russians and Americans still get along. Where did the hole in the hull come from? Or is it a hole in the relationship? Can we still trust each other?

Dmitry Rogozin, the head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, joins us in studio to share the preliminary results of the investigation and give us an overview of Russia-US interaction in space.

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