The Great Game. 27 September 2018. Topic: President Poroshenko Speech at the UN General Assembly and situation in Ukraine

28.09.2018 |

Petro Poroshenko's speech from the UN tribune was more like a call for a new crusade by the whole world against Russia. To make Sea of Azov international, to place peacekeepers in the Donbass, to disclaim the Crimea — it would seem that all these theses have already came out of his mouth more than once.

But Russian experts have already calculated how many times he violated international laws in his speech. Poroshenko spoke at a half-empty hall, and even his Minister Klimkin was dozing during the speech.

Another reason to ponder: how interesting is the Ukrainian agenda at all today? How does Washington influence the recognition of autocephaly in Ukraine, and when will the actions to take over the church be taken?

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